• Object 1

    To support a Museum in or near Leeds which has its objective bringing a greater awareness to the general public of advances in medical treatment, science, research and development with particular reference to the medical supply trade, with special regards to links with northern Great Britain and in particular Leeds and generally to educate the public in matters relating to the medical, technical and social aspects of medical products and procedures.
    Note: This object relates to the establishment of the Museum and only the Thackray Museum may apply for funding under this heading.

  • Object 2

    To support charitable international medical supply organisations, and in particular the Joint Missions Hospital Equipping Board (ECHO), for exceptional expenditure in the course of their charitable work in under-developed/Third World Countries.

    Note: Preference will be given where a charitable organisation is involved in value for money projects which seek to develop on going supplies of medical equipment. This may include establishing sustainable supply chains for the production, distribution and use of medical equipment in areas of the world that are poorly supplied. Funding can be considered for ‘pump-priming’, start-up or organisational expenses where alternative funding is not available and where local production is cost effective or makes critical equipment more accessible to health workers. Consideration may also be given to projects which enable the continued use of equipment which has become surplus in one part of the world but will be of clear benefit in another part of the world. 

    Support is unlikely to be given for funding of medicine or equipment purchases.

  • Object 3

    To relieve and prevent disease and sickness in under-developed or third-world countries by supporting for the public benefit appropriate research and manufacture of medical products calculated to achieve that aim.

    Note: This applies to countries that are currently poorly served by health and medical services.

  • Object 4

    To promote research for the public benefit in the evaluation of medical procedures and products.

  • Object 5

    To commission, fund and publish the results of research into the effect of health service investment decisions and product-related medical regulations on the supply of health services and the British health service in particular.

  • Object 6

    To provide grants for research into, and publication of, the history of medical products and supplies.

  • Object 7

    To provide grants for lectureships and prize money for essay competitions on the subjects of medical supplies, value-for-money evaluation of medical products and medical product history.